Home Repair Services

Roymarriabouw provides a suite of services so that you can get your renovations, fixes, and improvements completed in and around your home. We carry out repairs and maintenance for individuals and business home owners in a quickly and professionally manner throughout the Netherlands, Spain, and South America. Contact us for good service, expert advice, and very competitive prices.

What we can do for you:

– Painting inside and outside
– Stucco on all surfaces
– Sanitary and heating
– Roof replacement and repairs
– Replacement of glass
– Repair of home appliances
– Renew kitchen
– Repair/Replace Siding
– Insulating the floor
– Bathroom tiling
– Toilet and Tub Replacement
– High-pressure cleaning patios

Building and construction work

Whether you want an extra bedroom, a new bathroom or kitchen, a rooftop terrace, an extension of your office or a makeover of your garden, we ensure that your ideas are realized. Quickly, professionally and at an attractive rate.

Roymarriabouw has a team of experts who strives to deliver top quality to your construction and renovation projects. These professionals are not only motivated, but also have the necessary experience to complete your projects – professionally, and within time and budget.

Some examples of what we can do for you:

– Complete home renovation
– Construction of spaces next to or on top of your existing house or business premises
– Laying sewerage and water pipes
– (ornamental) paving application
– Renew roof or roof repairs
– Renew kitchen and/or bathroom
– Building and all construction work

Would you like reliable, experienced people who professionally execute your build- or construction project within time and budget? Or do you need a repair service? Fill in your details, let us know what your needs are and we ensure that you quickly receive a free quote.